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Are you looking to invest in Canada?
Are you looking to invest in China?
Do you want to create a business presence in Canada?
Do you want to create a business presence in China?
Are you looking for advice in relation to Sino-Canadian Investment and Trade?

The principal of Guo Law Corporation Ms. Hong Guo has practiced law in British Columbia and Saskatchewan, Canada and also in Beijing, China. Ms. Guo is therefore in the unique position of having direct experience of working under both legal systems as well as having lived in both China and Canada.

Ms. Guo ably supported by her team of professionals from her office in Richmond, B.C., and from her office in Beijing, China can offer a unique service that is unrivalled by many law firms in Canada and China.

This unique service has helped numerous companies and individuals overcome obstacles and barriers that they once thought to be insurmountable, as well as opening doors and creating opportunities that have greatly benefited many clients of Guo Law Corporation.

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